The 8th International Beverage, Coffee & Tea Industry Exhibition with Goals to:
1. Improve the culture of proper use of standard drinks
2. Updating related industries and gathering qualitative, quantitative, sanitary and productive benefits
3. Development and growth of the beverage industry for the consumers and their taste
4. Development of international relations and increasing exports
5. Importing the latest technology and science in the beverage industry of the country
6. Increasing commercial activities, investment, industrial development and job creation
Product Categories:
1 Type of products:
Water, juice, tea, herbal tea, coffee, non-alcoholic beer, traditional drinks, soft drinks, energy drinks, drinking desserts and …
2 Productive raw materials:
Concentrate, different additives, color additives, citric acid, ingredients related to the industry, and …
3 packaging raw materials:
Printing materials, packaging materials, paper, cardboards, aluminum foils, tins and cans, bottles …
4 Machineries:
Production line, pasteurization, sterilization, filling, coffee making, sharing, packaging, transportation and labeling …
5 Transportation, chilling and heating equipment, vacuum compressors
6 consultants, knowledge based companies, the press
7 …..
Will be held from 15-18 September from 9a.m until 5p.m. at Tehran International permanent Fairground